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Follow the steps below to set up your LeadsLeap account and get a copy of this page with your referral link!

This system will step you through how to drive traffic to your opportunities plus also how to maximize your LeadsLeap money earnings.

Step 1. Join LeadsLeap

Click Here To Join LeadsLeap

If you are already a LeadsLeap member then you don't need to join again.

Click Affiliate Links & Tools on the bottom of the left-hand menu and your Referral ID is the username at the end of your main affiliate link.

Enter Your LeadsLeap Referral ID Below:

Step 2. Get Your FREE System Link

System Link

This link will allow you to promote this system with your referral ID.

Simply copy the link below.
Then follow the remaining steps to find out how to set up your LeadsLeap account to maximize your traffic and earnings.


Step 3. Set Up Advertising to  your opportunity

In your LeadsLeap account on the left hand menu under the Traffic

There are 2 ways to set up your ads to receive traffic to your opportunity.
As a Free member you can only post Credit Ads.
As a Pro member you can post both Credit Ads and Pro Ads.
Credit Ads require credits to be seen, Pro Ads do not require any credits
Click on the the Post ads you want to enter and follow the online directions.

Step 4. Make Money

There are  5 ways to make money at Leads Leap

  1.        Daily Active Bonus  - login and view 10 or more ads, get a cash bonus at end of day.
  2.        Encash credits -  trade extra credits for cash.
  3.        Coop Earnings - promote your coop page to earn credits and cash.
  4.        PPC click earnings. - promote a page with embedded ads, earn cash for clicks on ads.
  5.        Affiliate commissions - 25% recurring commissions when your referrals upgrade.

Your system page will contain ads with your link to earn you additional income at LeadsLeap.

Step 5. Maximize Your Earnings

Following these steps, you can easily double those earnings or more.
Maximize you earnings:

Step 6. Send Traffic To Your System Page Link

Now simply promote your system page link at your favourite traffic exchanges, safelists, emails, social media etc. Promoting this page will help grow your downline plus encourage them to upgrade making you more commissions.  The page also has the PPC widget earning you more PPC link earnings.

Check this AdvertisingResults page for traffic ideas.

Promotional Materials

You can use these banners to promote your own system.

https://myfreecryptolist.com/images/LLMax125x125.png https://myfreecryptolist.com/images/LLMax468x60.png

Need help? Simply contact toig.ageek (at) gmail (dot) com.