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Free Passive Crypto

Start with these programs that generate income for free.

#1 - CryptoTab browser - Free to download and run on your computer and also any phone/tablets for maximum return
(however paying for CryptoTabPro for phone/tablet is worth it) 

CryptoTab Browser, - mine while you surf

Collect Daily
#2 - use these programs to generate seed money for Passive programs

FreeBitcoin: Win up to $200 in BTC.
Max Reward Ref. Rate Minimum cashout Claim time
$200 in BTC
4% earning on balance over 30000 Satoshi
50% 30000 Satoshi 60 min
Free-Litecoin: Win up to $200 in LTC.
Max Reward Ref. Rate Minimum cashout Claim time
$200 in LTC
10% earning on balance over 0.05 Litoshi
50% 0.004000 LTC 60 min
Cointiply: Bitcoin: Faucet Games and offers
Max Reward Ref. Rate Minimum cashout Claim time
Progressive jackpot
5% earning on balance over 50000 Coins
25% 100,000 Coins (~$10) 60 min Bitcoin: multiple ways to earnSatoshiHero
Max Reward Ref. Rate Minimum cashout Claim time
$200 in BTC
8% earnin on balance over 10000 satoshi
50% 36000 Satoshi 60 min

Apps for Phones/Tablets
Share internet - get paid

play games hourly
Free BitcoinCash App 
Free Litecoin App

If you need a bitcoin wallet, I recommend Coinbase

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updated January 2024

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Passive Growth
Take earnings from free passive crypto sites above
and deposit into these programs where they will grow
passively compounding.

Pays 5% APR (0.09% weekly) on min balance of 35,000 coins ($3.50)

Pays 4.08% APR (0.01% daily) minimum balance of .0003 BTC


Additional crypto income sites


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Referral Frenzy


 Mine Pi on your Phone


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